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Box & Big Bag Fillers / Tiplers

Downs 1 ton box rotator.

Haith box filler, non-lift box type,

Agriweld 2 ton revolver – box
rotator, to fit Merlot fork lift.

Box tipler, half ton boxes.

Haith Dolav box tipler,
galvanised. Hydraulic power
pack,  manual tip

Cascade 3.5 ton grab rotator.

Dolav box tipler, galvanised
steel frame 3ph.

Mechanical 1 ton box tipler.

Reekie Big Bag Filler, zig-zag safedown, 3ph.

1 ton big bag filler.

1 ton Shouton Box Tippler.

Tong 1 Ton Box Tippler.

Downs Box Filler Elevator.

Downs Box Filler Elevator.

Tong 1Ton Box Tippler.

Haith 1Ton Box Tippler.

Tong Easyfill Box Filler.

Herbert Box Filler (Hydraulic).


Broadwater 1 ton forward tipler, to
fit Merlot fork Lift.

Faber 1 ton box rotator


Tong Nodding Donkey
Type Box Filler, 3ph.


Downs 1 ton box tipler, electric tip.


Peal 1 ton Box Tipler,
hydraulic tip.
Tong 1 ton big bag filler.

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