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Elevators / Conveyors

Pax Stainless Steel Elevator, 6' Long

Downs 1ton box roller conveyor,
folds open to 20’ x 4’.

16 Feet Chevron Belt Elevator.

Haith Bag Fill Elevator.

Herbert pax conveyor, 6’ long.

Bag Elevator, approximately
5’ long.

Part stainless steel conveyor
10" x 12”
Tong 12’ x 12” conveyor 3ph.

Swift Lift Extendo
Telescopic Elevator.

Tong bag track, 10’ long, 3ph,
with hand stitcher stand.

16’ grain conveyor and bin

10’ bag track.

Bag conveyor, 4’ long x 2’ wide.

Zig-zag roller conveyor, particularly suitable for parcels and/or boxes.

Edlington Lift Elevator Blue.

Herbert Soil Elevator 20 Feet by 700.

Fyson PDQ Grain Elevator.

Swift Lift Euro 125 Grain Elevator 3 Phase.

Ramsey Haith 40foot
Grain Elevator.


Stainless steel, Wright, vibrating conveyors. Choice of 4.


Fyson Packhorse container loader.

Downs Box Filler Elevator.


Tong conveyor, 16ft x 20”, 3ph.


Miedema 130-70 Telescopic Elevator


Swift Lift elevator, 110 volt variable speed motor.

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